At solomonholmes, we believe that the successful resolution of employment related issues often rests on the proper application of due process. By failing to follow proper procedure employers are vulnerable to sizeable compensation awards. Our intimate knowledge of the complex procedures required in the application of employment of law matters ensures that clients remain within the procedural requirements of the law.
solomonholmes has extensive experience in dealing with unionised corporates in the industrial and mining sectors and can assist clients and participate with them in union negotiations and dealings. With solomonholmes, clients have the confidence of pursuing their business strategies while at the same time ensuring sustainable and workable dealings with Trade Unions knowing what is and is not legally permissible in union matters.
solomonholmes makes it a priority to stay abreast of developments in employment law and to communicate these developments to clients. In addition to regular updates, as part of our services, we will facilitate and run training workshops on request from clients or when changes to the law necessitate.
solomonholmes has experience in the investigation of serious safety transgressions and mine accidents. These investigations can be helpful in identifying safety trends, mitigating risks and determining appropriate disciplinary action.

Our expertise extends to:
  • Section 11
  • Strategic advice and planning on restructuring and retrenchments
  • Management of restructuring processes from the initial notification to employees to termination of service
  • Independent consultation services with employees and Unions
  • Section 197 transfers - transfer of businesses as a going concern
  • (5) investigation under the of the Mine, Health and Safety Act
  • Management of Section 54 and 55 orders
  • Assistance with legal letters of appointment
Solomonholmes are able to advise and guide clients in any restructuring process as well as provide professional counsel on the complex retrenchment process.


  • Advice and management of dismissal proceedings including chairing of disciplinary hearings and pre dismissal arbitrations
  • Representation at CCMA tribunals and Labour Court referrals


  • Advice and management of proceedings relating to non-performance and ill health including the chairing of such hearings
  • Representation at CCMA and Labour Court referrals


  • Advice and Management of workplace grievance
  • Chairing grievance hearings

Policy and Contractual Requirements

  • Drafting, audit and advice on Employment Contracts
  • On drafting, audit and advice Restraints of Trade and Confidentiality requirements
  • Drafting, audit and advice on Employment Policies and Codes

Strategic Advice on the Management of Trade Unions including:

  • Collective Bargaining agreements
  • Closed Shop and Agency Shop agreements
  • Wage negotiations
  • Strike disputes
  • Urgent Labour Court applications

Full dispute resolution services including:

  • Chairing of private arbitration hearings
  • Mediation of disputes
  • Independent pre-dismissal advice

solomonholmes recognize that in every instance employment and industrial disputes are time consuming, costly and non-productive. To minimise any such disruption solomonholmes are able to advise clients on how best to implement workplace discipline in a fair, responsible and efficient manner.


solomonholmes can (and often does) represent clients in any dispute referred to the CCMA


The firm has extensive experience in advising clients on all legal issues in the event of a strike.


SolomonHolmes represents its clients in all aspects falling under the jurisdiction of the Labour Court including urgent, review and action proceedings.


The expertise in SolomonHolmes makes us the ideal partner in assessing employment related risks relating to mergers and acquisitions. We assist a number of Private Equity firms as part of their routine due diligence exercises.


Restraints of Trade form an important part of the protection of our clients intellectual property. SolomonHolmes excels at finding practical solutions to this often misunderstood aspect of our law.